Start List

Heat 1
Sprint Challenge Male 40-49

Heat 2
Sprint Challenge Male 18-29
Sprint Challenge Male 50-59

Heat 3
Super Challenge Male 18-29
Super Challenge Male 30-39
Super Challenge Male 50-59
Super Challenge Relay All Men
Super Challenge Relay All Women
Super Challenge Relay Mixed

Heat 4
Super Challenge Male 40-49
Super Challenge Male 60 or above
Super Challenge Female 18-29
Super Challenge Female 30-39
Super Challenge Female 40-49
Super Challenge Female 50 or above

Heat 5
Super Kid Male Age 8
Super Kid Male Age 9
Super Kid Male Age 10
Super Kid Male Age 11
Super Kid Male Age 12-13
Super Kid Female Age 8
Super Kid Female Age 9
Super Kid Female Age 10
Super Kid Female Age 11
Super Kid Female Age 12-13

Heat 6
Aquathlon Pro Male 14-17
Aquathlon Pro Male 18-29
Aquathlon Pro Male 30-39
Aquathlon Pro Male 40-49
Aquathlon Pro Male 50 or above
Aquathlon Pro Female 18-29
Aquathlon Pro Female 30-39
Aquathlon Pro Female 40-49
Aquathlon Pro Female 50 or above

Heat 7
Sprint Challenge Male 30-39

Heat 8
Sprint Challenge Male 14-17
Sprint Challenge Male 60 or above
Sprint Challenge Female 14-17
Sprint Challenge Female 18-29
Sprint Challenge Female 30-39
Sprint Challenge Female 40-49
Sprint Challenge Female 50 or above
Sprint Challenge Relay All Men
Sprint Challenge Relay All Women
Sprint Challenge Relay Mixed

Heat 9
Aquathlon Fun Male 14-17
Aquathlon Fun Male 18-29
Aquathlon Fun Male 30-39
Aquathlon Fun Male 40-49
Aquathlon Fun Male 50 or above
Aquathlon Fun Female 14-17
Aquathlon Fun Female 18-29
Aquathlon Fun Female 30-39
Aquathlon Fun Female 40-49
Aquathlon Fun Female 50 or above

Important notice
The final update of bike route

Further to the notice of 15.9.2017 regarding the changes of start time and bike route, the final bike route has been worked out so as to minimize the problems along the Wu Kau Tang Village and Luk Keng area.

The new U-turn is now placed at the Parking Space of Bride's Pool BBQ Venue.New route map please click here

Subsequent to the final change:

- The Super Challenge has changed from 4 laps to 5 laps with the distance* of around 36 km.
- The Sprint Challenge, the number of laps (2 laps) remain unchanged but the distance*
adjusted to15km.

*Including the round trip from the Bike Route Start Point to The Plover Cove Country Park Visitor Centre, the distance is around 1.2KM.

The start time of different categories remains the same as listed in the notice of 15.9.2017. Please refer to the followings: Click here

Bike course cut off time update

Important News:

Bike route update:

Course Original Distance New Distance New Route Map
Super Challenge 15km x 4 Laps 9km x4 laps Click here
Sprint Challenge 15km x2 laps 9km x 2 laps

The updated start time for all categories here

We have Race Pack ready for you! Please follow the selected timeslot and location to pick up your race pack. For collection, you can simply present the email by showing either the print-out or electronic version to our staff. If your friend is taking the event gift pack for you, no letter of authorization is required; all he/she needed is to show a printed copy of the email.

If participants did not pick up your race pack at SportExpo, you can pick up your race pack at below time slot:

Pick Up Date 16th - 20th September 2017 (Saturday to Wednesday)
Pick Up Time 10:00am – 7:00pm
Pick Up Venue Sportsoho Media Ltd.
Room A, 1/F, Chinachem Industrial Mansion, 202-204 Choi Hung Rd, San Po Kong (MTR Diamond Hill Station Exit A2) (Link:

All categories are full.

Super Kid are full.

Sprint Challenge and Sprint Challenge Relay are full.

Route map uploaded.

Sprint Challenge: Male Age30-39 & Male Age40-49 are full.

Super Challenge and Super Challenge Relay are full.

Aquathlon Pro run distance updated.